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Foxy Pearl Silver
Foxy Pearl Silver ..
INR7,949.00 INR6,649.00
text_tax INR6,649.00
Fiona Blue
A shoe full of style, Fiona Blue has well-defined geometric forms, in a perfectly mix and harmonized..
INR3,149.00 INR2,849.00
text_tax INR2,849.00
Foxy Victorian Gold
Foxy Victorian Gold ..
INR4,449.00 INR3,949.00
text_tax INR3,949.00
Foxy Rhinestone Blue
Foxy Rhinestone Blue ..
INR3,249.00 INR2,849.00
text_tax INR2,849.00
Foxy Red Stripped Heels
A vibrant red, a joyful high heel! This is the Foxy Red Stripped! A shoe that suits all seasons, fro..
INR2,749.00 INR2,049.00
text_tax INR2,049.00
Foxy Glenda Beige
Foxy Glenda Beige ..
INR3,349.00 INR2,999.00
text_tax INR2,999.00
Foxy Burnish orange
Foxy Burnish orange ..
INR3,349.00 INR2,549.00
text_tax INR2,549.00
Foxy Turquoise Gem
Foxy Turquoise Gem ..
INR3,449.00 INR3,149.00
text_tax INR3,149.00
Desire Beige plain
Desire Beige plain ..
INR2,349.00 INR1,799.00
text_tax INR1,799.00
Blink Pink
Blink Pink ..
INR2,249.00 INR1,799.00
text_tax INR1,799.00
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